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Cleaning like you've never seen it!



Specializing cleaning and building maintenance 

Serving Maryland, Virginia and DC since 1999

Janitors in Uniforms

We provided our customers with high quality, licensed, cleaners that ensure all your cleaning needs are met.




We use advanced, interactive software to keep our customers and employees up to date in real time.




Our team uses high grade disinfectants to thoroughly sanitize all surfaces and effectively eliminate any bacteria and odors.



Woman with Cleaning Supplies

Every job is unique, but our attention to detail remains the same. We ensure the highest quality even for the most personalized jobs.




Are you looking for a reliable cleaning company for your home, or office or construction site? Discovery Services has you covered. There is no project too big or small for our team of highly skilled and trained professionals.

Cleaning the Dishes


We provide residential cleaning services throughout the DMV area and always focus on your safety and health. Our professionally trained teams of cleaning technicians will tackle any dirt, dust, and grime to leave your home shining.

Indoor Cleaning


The hygiene of your facilities directly affects anybody who comes into contact with it. Discovery Services provides customized services, flexible scheduling, and effective

cleaning solutions for all our valued clients.


Gaining industry insights since 1999, Discovery Services has been dedicated to providing the most advanced and complete janitorial, maintenance, and cleaning solutions to both the commercial and residential markets.

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Safety is our #1 priority so we want to make sure you are informed about OSHA’s Significant changes to Federal OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces that affect building owners, property managers, building engineers including contractors like YOU! 


The new regulations took effect January 17, 2017, with OSHA extending compliance dates through November 2017 to correct hazardous conditions. This change will and has affected many buildings because all buildings need to be in compliance with OSHA’s standards. To ensure compliance, building owners may perform roof anchor inspections, load tests, and other compliance assessments. The compliance of all buildings is not only required by OSHA, but our crew of field workers also need and appreciate the compliance because it ensures the safety of our window washers should they need to perform services through means of rope descent systems, ladders, or fall protection. OSHA has instated this new fall protection regulation to limit the number of accidents and fatalities as well as increase worker safety.

If you would like to learn more about this significant and important change issued by OSHA, please click the link 

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